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A candid chat with our Senior Enterprise Account Manager - Srijan Kumud

Srijan Kumud joined Rocketium in 2017 when the idea was just two years young. It was the belief system of the founders that ingrained the confidence in him to be a part of a plan that is more than merely a business. With this thought of associating with an organization that has a broader perspective, Srijan found his calling. It’s been three years since.

Curious to know more about Srijan and his life at Rocketium, we drove into a candid chat with him.

What has it been like for you to be an Enterprise Account Manager at Rocketium?

Srijan: I started my career as an Analyst at a legal & tech consulting firm. It was only later that I realised how much contentment I found in building relationships. This marked the beginning of my career as a Sales & Business Development professional.

When I joined Rocketium, it was the Sales team that I first became a part of. As our clientele grew, I got an opportunity to accept the responsibilities of an Enterprise Account Manager. I can’t really sum-up in words how amazing the learning curve turned out to be. Currently, I manage over 30 accounts and these include some of the large enterprises.

I work with stakeholders across different teams - Product, Design, Engineering, Sales, etc. This role allows me to be the Brand Ambassador of Rocketium. I also act as an advisor for the clients, which gives me fulfilment.

What according to you is the key driving force behind Rocketium’s speedy growth?

Srijan: The credit for this one hands-down goes to our promptness in analysing, evaluating, and executing what customers need. One of our prime directives is ‘Customer is our north star’, and all this while we’ve actually been living by that. When you build a product on your own, you tend to equip it with a few key features, but with our close-knit relationship with users, we receive first-hand feedback that helps in constant improvement. This not only keeps our customers happy, but it also helps us stay ahead of the competition.

Another key driver of Rocketium’s growth is the ability to adapt since day-1. We started off as a platform for mini-games and soon after many interactions with our customers, we realised that there was a greater need for an easy way to create videos & images at scale. That is how we pivoted and expanded our product suite with the introduction of API and White Label creator.

Also, needless to say, our product and development teams are to be immensely credited. They have built the product on a strong but agile base which ensures its competence to evolve. We think of it as lego, where we give you the building blocks and you can mould it the way you want.

If you’re stuck in a problem at work, whom do you see as the go-to person and why?

Srijan: It would be an injustice to mention only one name here. Our teams and culture are so cohesive that I need not think twice before walking up to anyone for support. Working as a Key Account Manager can sometimes get exhausting due to the nature of responsibilities. But my colleagues and seniors ensure that it doesn’t take over my physical and mental health.

I remember this one time I was overloaded with work and my manager Karan Rao told me that I need to shed the burden and took up some of my work. There have also been times when Satej, our Co-Founder has pinged to ask why was I working on a weekend. How often do you find a workplace where you get this level of support from your seniors?

Everyone at Rocketium is a go-to person for help regardless of the nature of the problem, or hierarchy.

Is there something that most people don’t know about you?

Srijan: Well, that is a difficult question for me to answer. Most of my colleagues are like close friends. Once I befriend people, I generally don’t hesitate to let my casual side out. But if I have to think about it hard, I guess there is one thing that many of my current and ex-workmates don’t know. I am very passionate about contributing back to society.

My parents run an NGO back in my hometown Bhopal, for about 10 years now. I’ve been actively supporting them and have personally tried to render support to similar organizations.

Our secret sources have told us that you’re an amazing singer, what is your favourite music genre?

Srijan: I’m surprised how you happen to discover that detail! But oh well, not that I’ve really tried to keep it a secret.

Yes, music is something that really takes my heart away. Back in my graduation days at BITS - Pilani, I was also a part of the music club and enjoyed singing. Not to forget mentioning that I still do! I love humming to Bollywood songs. If I’ve to name one favourite genre, I would say Sufi.

Lately, I’m also trying to spare time for learning to play Guitar & Keyboard.

What message would you like to give someone who is seeking a career opportunity with Rocketium?

Srijan: What we have at Rocketium is above many others in the startup ecosystem. Be it professional or personal growth, work culture, learning curve, or the opportunity to simply voice our ideas. Honestly, I have friends working at some of the best organizations in India and weighing it against their experience I can confidently vouch for the promising culture we’re practising here.

What influences me the most is that nobody is trying to create a boss-subordinate culture. Be it employees or an intern. Satej & Anurag’s leadership style shows that one doesn’t need to be hard-boiled or spiteful to be a CEO or to gain followers. Our founders’ vision includes watching each one of us become a leader. Yes, I agree Rocketium is not a billion-dollar company yet but we'll get there soon, one milestone at a time.

The idea is for you to create something of your own, build yourself and find within us a family away from home.

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