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A candid chat with our Content Marketing Manager - Vineetha Shetty

It takes courage, persistence and resilience to pursue your passion. While it may sound like a piece of cake, the path isn’t always as rewarding as we expect it to be. It takes a great deal of acceptance and acknowledgement of one’s own flaws to be open to learning something new. The story of our Content Head - Vineetha Shetty, is one such example. She began her career as a Test Engineer and as her flair for content developed, she took a leap into starting a career in Marketing.

Here we walk you through how she transitioned into becoming a Content Marketer and how she ended up joining Rocketium.

You began your career as a Test Engineer and after about 4 years you moved into Marketing. What really drove this transition?

Vineetha: Yes, that’s true. Like any other fresh engineering graduate, I was really excited to begin my professional career when I got a job at Mindtree via campus placements. I continued to work there as a Test Engineer for close to 4 years.

I always had a flair for writing. In fact, content and creatives were something that excited me a lot. It seemed like I did become an Engineer but wasn’t destined to remain one. I had a friend who was an official reporter for Bangalore Royal Challengers, and I was highly intrigued by her work. It made me think about pursuing journalism & marketing as a career. To quench my thirst for learning, I signed up for a Digital marketing course on DigitalVidya. One day, I connected a startup through a friend and that is when the second innings of my career began.

I joined that startup as the individual contributor for Digital Marketing and this opportunity gave me an extremely solid foundation. From that time until today I have worked with different advertising agencies, collaborated with multiple clients and joined Rocketium’s in it’s a journey, in Dec 2019.

Knowing that you did have an offer from another organization that was comparatively larger in size, why did you decide to join Rocketium?

Vineetha: The work culture at startups fascinated me. When I interacted with the panel members and the leaders during the interview process, a connect was established right there! This interview was completely different from all others that I had ever attended. The questions that I was asked were mostly to evaluate if I am the right cultural fit. The evaluation was not limited to what experience I had from the past but what I wanted to do.

The founders wanted to know more about me as an individual, and that immediately struck the chord.

What do you love the most about your job?

Vineetha: Content is something that allows you to express. You create a piece that captures the user's interest and that is surely not an easy deal. Suppose if you had to write a poem, you will need to think through and choose the right words, phrases, metaphors, similes, etc. that resonate with the reader.

The use of data analysis for developing content strategies has also opened doors for new learning opportunities and experimenting. It is about how we tactfully integrate content & technology. The amalgamation of all these challenges, makes me love my job more.

In a short span of time that you’ve spent at Rocketium, what makes you believe that you made the right choice?

Vineetha: Even though it has been only a few months since I joined the team, there have been many junctures that made me feel confident about my decision. Although I head the content, I’m free to move around and learn as much I want from any other function. Be it Sales, Account Management, Business Development or anything else. The recognition for contributions is very transparent and there hasn’t been a time when I would have been made to feel anything less than valuable.

The motto of our leaders says ‘You grow, we grow’. They encourage their employees to think about their careers selfishly and focus on growing, either with Rocketium or outside. They work with us and are not afraid to learn with us. Until today, I haven’t experienced a dull moment with Rocketium and with the kind of atmosphere we work in, I don’t think there would be any in the coming times either.

If we announce a last-minute day-off for tomorrow, how would you want to spend your impromptu free day?

Vineetha: I would like to answer that assuming we’re all back to the normal world where Corona isn’t a nightmare anymore.

I have a one-year-old daughter and my heart goes for her! If I suddenly get a free day, I would definitely want to spend time playing with her. Other than that I’m a huge fan of sports too, I was an athlete as a kid. I love playing badminton, tennis and cricket. So, I would also like to spare some time playing my favourite sport - Badminton. And after all of that, if I still have some time left, I would love to go around driving with my husband and trying new cuisines at restaurants. What message would you want to share with someone who is looking forward to working with Rocketium?

Vineetha: I would say Rocketium has a highly competitive and results-driven environment. At the end of the day, it is about how you contributed. Not to forget mentioning, that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to fail here. Failure is a part and parcel of anything that we do, what makes the difference is if you stood up to try again. Sometimes what happens is that we have a lot of passion and fire within us but do not know how to move forward in the right direction. All you think about is growing. This is where the Rocketium team helps you. They know how the industry needs are changing and will do all they can to upgrade your skills.

If you think you can take problems as a challenge and are open to saying ‘Yes” to learning what you never did before, Rocketium is the place for you.

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