• Product strategy, roadmap, user and competition research
    • Conduct user interviews to identify problems, generate new ideas and possible solutions
    • Work with business teams to prioritise customer requests for new features
    • Refine requirements basis user research, and customer requests to write the product roadmap for both existing and future customers
  • User experience and design sprints
    • Work with design to ideate on user experiences
    • Write user stories and create wireframes and mockups
    • Validate new flows and design ideas with users
  • Competition research
    • Study competition, deconstruct their features and user experiences
    • Stay on top of trends and new areas of competitive/ adjacent products for building long term roadmap
    • Ideate with PMMs to refine positioning w.r.t competition
  • Development cycle
    • Work with designers to finalize UI/UX for owned features
    • Work with engineers to build features and fix development bottlenecks
    • Do a demo with relevant teams for early feedback
    • Share previews with customers for their feedback, and regular updates with business teams
    • Work with engineers and create a thorough test plan for new features and adjacent areas that would be affected
  • Release and feedback
    • Work with design team for UI review and incorporate any changes
    • Work with the engineering, and business teams to plan release dates, launch features on time, with utmost quality
    • Create release notes, videos, and screenshots for internal communication
    • Conduct product spotlight sessions to educate team members about new releases every week
    • Equip AMs & sales team to communicate benefits to existing and potential customers, and collect feedback
    • Work with PMM and sales team to create user documentation, update training and onboarding material for internal teams, and provide inputs for marketing communication
    • Add relevant metrics and create dashboards for feature usage
    • Create a plan for feature improvements and update product roadmap


  • Product strategy, roadmap, user research
    • Find new areas based on customer interactions, working with partners, and observing trends in the domain
    • Work with business teams to define broad feature areas for near term roadmap
    • Work with different teams to identify bottlenecks and improve processes.
    • Define the user experience flow for large feature groups
    • Work with PMs and designers to identify areas of improving user experience
    • Work with partners and expert outside to help in UX improvements
  • Development cycle
    • Work with senior engineering leaders to identify opportunities for improving development process and coordination between teams
    • Do detailed customer interactions to identify issues and opportunities before extensive development
    • Guide PMs to create feedback frameworks, and initiate activities for successful launches
  • Release and feedback
    • Orchestrate the roll-out of complex and interconnected product features
    • Create a robust communication forum for discussions between business, engineering, and design team for continuous improvement of product quality and product usage
    • Create a sense of excitement about new capabilities and improvements within the company and with customers
    • Conduct online and offline sessions to ensure customers are aware of the features and use them the right way
    • Spot patterns of poor or excellent usability from metrics
    • Interact regularly with customers to understand how our products can be improved
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