This is the first version of our Prime Directives that we created in 2019.


Our 9 Prime Directives are grouped according to whom they serve - Self, Team, Community. They can be summarised in one line:-

Do exceptional work as a team to make others successful.


Our Prime Directives tie in with Rocketium's 3-step masterplan.

  1. Build exceptional products. 🛠

  2. Grow big by making our customers bigger. 📈

  3. Use our fame and fortune to make others around us successful. 🌎

Prime Directives


  • Strive to be better every day 📈

  • Move fast ⚡️

  • Do exceptional work 🏅


  • Set and achieve audacious goals 🎯

  • Be honest and transparent 🔍

  • Win with your team 👫


  • Make customers your North Star 🌟

  • Imagine a better future and create it 🔮

  • Pay it forward 🌎

Prime Directive details

Below are real examples of how our team lives each Prime Directive.


Strive to be better every day 📈

  • Nitya (Product Marketing Manager) conducted a series of meetings to seek feedback from different teams so she could improve the new website she was launching.

  • Aniket (Software Engineer) sent a survey every month to people he worked with so he can identify areas where he can do better.

  • Karthik (Designer) is not a UI designer but he took 1:1 coaching sessions on user interface design so he could give the right inputs to the product team.

Move fast ⚡️

  • Somya (Principal Software Engineering Manager) releases features for internal testing so he can get early feedback that lets him launch a much better version faster.

  • Rohit (Creative Director) conceptualised and animated an impressive video in just two days so we could share it with our customers in time for holiday season.

  • Rajeev (Senior Software Engineer) had only three weeks to launch a slick new design experience in our product. Not only did he achieve this well in time, he also cleaned up a lot of old code that would have created issues in the future.

Do exceptional work 🏅

  • Manu (Head of Demand Generation) came up with the concept for our first ever online event. He coordinated with a large media company, heads of marketing and design at e-commerce giants, and hundreds of attendees to make it a massive success.

  • Anish (Senior Software Engineer) and Gowtham (Senior Software Engineer) suggested the difficult but necessary step of choosing a new programming language that will simplify future product development. They put in extra effort to train the rest of the team on this technology.

  • Sarthak (Product Specialist) was a new member of the sales team when he was tasked with putting Rocketium in front of the largest consumer Internet companies. His methodical approach led him to bring in the highest number of deals several weeks in a row.


Set and achieve audacious goals 🎯

  • Shubham (Senior Software Engineer) built and launched a complex product in just a week so we could have it ready in time for a big presentation.

  • Bhawna (Enterprise Account Executive) got Rocketium a foot in the door with one of the largest airlines in the world who had almost chosen a large enterprise competitor of ours. She nailed the pitch and multiple follow-up meetings over several weeks to win them over.

  • Ravish and Prabhat were interns at Rocketium when they had to work on a few complex features that were going to be used by hundreds of advertisers in one of the biggest online events. Their thorough development and testing led to one of our most successful product launches.

Be honest and transparent 🔍

  • Sanjith (Lead Designer) conducts monthly meetings with teams he works with to share and seek candid feedback on how they can work better.

  • Kirti (Marketing Manager) made a minor mistake while sending an email campaign. She owned up to that mistake and created a process to ensure that such mistakes are handled before any customer sees them.

  • Santosh (VP Engineering) proactively does a deep investigation whenever a serious bug affects our customers. He shares this with the leadership team along with steps to avoid this in the future.

Win with your team 👫

  • Pavan (Designer) celebrates his teammates' efforts by creating a slick video every week showcasing their work.

  • Akshay (Customer Success Manager) and Sofia (Customer Success Manager) work closely with the product team to prioritise issues so impactful work gets done first while smaller issues are not forgotten.

  • Shivani (HR Manager) streamlined the way we conduct daily stand-up meetings after she got feedback from the team that the earlier format was not adding value.


Make customers your North Star 🌟

  • Avinash (Enterprise Account Manager) digs into customer code himself even though he does not have a software background just so he can save them a couple of days of back-and-forth.

  • Saurabh (Senior Finance Manager) waived monthly fees for a customer for few months because they were going through financial distress.

  • Tushar (Product Specialist) and Sandeep (Product Specialist) have recommended competing products to a few customers because they are better suited to solving their specific problems.

Imagine a better future and create it 🔮

  • Sateesh (Senior Software Engineering Manager) built an innovative Photoshop integration during a hackathon and today it is one of the most critical pieces of our product.

  • Akkshaya (Associate Product Manager) was the key force behind two new product lines and delivered products that solved pain points that customers could not even describe at first.

  • Nitin (Software Engineer) and Sukirti (Associate Product Manager) worked closely to develop a unique way to adapt any design to multiple sizes in a few milliseconds by combining the existing design with reference designs.

Pay it forward 🌎

  • Vidhunnan (Product Designer) conducts free online mentoring sessions on UI design for aspiring designers.

  • Srijan (Enterprise Account Manager) actively works with a non-profit to provide education and career guidance to children from under-served communities.

  • Karan (VP Business) taught the basics of Customer Success to founders and executives of early-stage companies.

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