From our earliest days, we were very clear that Rocketium's responsibility is to enable continuous learning and growth for everyone in the team. We were careful about defining roles and responsibilities granularly so everyone can focus on being excellent in one area before expanding into more areas. This helped in our hiring process and regular performance discussions.
However, as the team grew, we felt the need to define career paths so everyone has clarity about what it takes to be excellent in each area. This helps in creating a six-month or longer roadmap. Identify areas where we are already strong and those that need work becomes obvious. Promotions, role changes, and hikes become more objective.


We followed these steps to create our career paths:-
  1. 1.
    Research - We reviewed job postings of other companies to see common patterns in designations, roles, responsibilities, and requirements. We read articles about career paths for individual departments. Time taken: 4 days
  2. 2.
    1:1 conversations - We spoke with founders and operators from other companies to learn more about how they do this today, how they have evolved, and what they are still lacking. Time taken: 2 days
  3. 3.
    First principles thinking - We neither wanted to reinvent the wheel nor did we want to use something ill-suited to our culture. We thought of the lifecycle of each department and used it to come up with broad areas of impact. Time taken: 5 days
  4. 4.
    Feedback - Once we had the first draft of the career paths, we shared it with the team to get their inputs on how we can improve. We also shared it with experts in our network for their suggestions. Finally, we are open-sourcing our career paths for the community's inputs. 😀 Time taken: 2 days
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