Customer Success

Customer Success at Rocketium is involved at multiple stages of the customer lifecycle. We felt that the best way to create a career path for the team was to think of what they would do at each stage. This is in contrast to mapping this to the company's values, an approach we saw most companies following. When we tried that approach, we found it difficult to come up with clear examples that showcase impact and growth.




  • Set up accounts with the right product and workflow configuration

  • Collate and share information required to get started

  • Share progress with decision-makers to keep everyone updated

  • Propose changes if you identify gaps in the onboarding process

  • Record success metrics diligently


  • Work with the sales team to understand customer context and goals

  • Pre-empt common questions and roadblocks

  • Define success criteria for the customer and set up necessary cadence to track progress

  • Build a rapport with the various customer stakeholders

  • Nudge as needed and ensure there is enough momentum during the onboarding process

  • Set up follow-up cadence to ensure customer expectations and internal team performance is aligned

  • Define problem statements and work with internal teams to address problems in a timely manner

  • Ensure documentation is up-to-date


  • Collaborate with key business stakeholders to set the right expectations for the pilot

  • Work with internal stakeholders to ensure a successful pilot

  • Build a rapport with senior stakeholders and decision-makers

  • Identify business drivers and metrics that Rocketium can influence. Drive internal and customer teams towards these metrics

  • Get prospects to modify pilot goals if needed

  • Close deals as per schedule and set up account for success

Customer Success



  • Respond to customer queries in a timely and congenial manner

  • Report bugs to product team and ensure quick resolution


  • Analyse common questions and make changes so customers do not have to ask these

  • Analyse bug patterns and suggest changes that can prevent this in the future


  • Work with the product team to ensure seamless collaboration for bug resolution

  • Suggest process improvements as necessary



  • Get involved in customer projects and understand the various stakeholders / activities involved

  • Execute projects tasks in a timely manner


  • Brainstorm with the product team to come up with the right experience for new features

  • Manage timelines with customers and internal teams

  • Solve customers problems even if we are not building new features for them

  • Triage features and politely convey to customers if certain features are not being taken up

  • Capture customer requirements clearly

  • Proactively communicate new features that could be useful to other customers

  • Have a clear understanding of customer workflow to identify efficiencies


  • Help in prioritizing features across accounts

  • Identify potential features that can make customers' lives easier

  • Get feedback from customers about new feature ideas

  • Get pilot customers for big new features



  • Identify opportunities where more value can be added to customers across existing features and templates

  • Share template ideas that are relevant to the customer


  • Monitor usage and reach out to customers if there are warning signs

  • Conduct regular calls to understand progress on success metrics

  • Come up with product improvements based on customer conversations


  • Monitor accounts at a company level and have a pulse on overall customer challenges

  • Ensure customers are seeing 10X value of their subscription fees

  • Collect feedback on product and service. Identify areas to create value




  • Have a pulse on customer satisfaction through regular interactions

  • Prevent avoidable churn due to mistakes from our side

  • Reduce customer friction


  • Have strong intuition about customers who will churn in a few months

  • Proactively suggest changing success metrics if it can create success for customers and prevent churn

  • Cross-sell new products and projects to offset churn from one use-case


  • Speak to business stakeholders to manage a churn situation

  • Escalate major churn concerns with company leadership



  • Assist customers who are looking for more capabilities or usage to upgrade

  • Monitor usage to identify customers who have the potential to upgrade


  • Create cross-sell opportunities by identifying new use-cases that customers can adopt

  • Share ideas with customers that can create more success for them while increasing their usage or adoption of our products


  • Suggest process improvements that let them use our products more effectively and get better returns for their spend



  • NA


  • Get case studies from customers who have seen success with us

  • Get customers to write reviews and spread the word for us

  • Create a healthy pipeline from happy customers

  • Reach out to happy customers who can refer us to other customers


  • Engage key customers as influencers who can get us large customers

  • Showcase key customers in events and gatherings to create a halo effect

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