We looked at the stages of the customer lifecycle as a guide to create the marketing team's career path.

Demand Generation

Process, team management, strategy


  • Be the gate-keeper for all the tools and reports for demand generation

  • Create dashboards, reports for all campaigns

  • Work with the creative team to deliver high-quality collaterals required for such campaigns


  • Collaborate with the leadership to execute the strategy and programs (lead generation, advertising, sponsorships, events, digital marketing, branding, ...)

  • Establish closed-loop analytics with sales to understand how our inbound marketing activity turns into customers

  • Continually refine our process to convert customers

  • Optimize our marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels

  • Provide short-term market forecasts, reports, and trends to assist in acquisition activities


  • Work with sales team to set the lead pipeline goals

  • Manage performance and training of the demand generation teams

Research & execution


  • Identify new channels and share insights (secondary research)

  • Support with tactical tasks assigned for activities (content creation, channels, tools, reports)

  • Own social channels and increase brand awareness through regular posts

  • Run campaigns to support various objectives in the marketing funnel and increase site traffic to all landing pages.


  • Design scientific experiments to grow new leads by converting site traffic

  • Assess campaign requirements, establish best practices, distribute tasks to execute campaigns with high accuracy and quality

  • Design competitor strategy to earn share of their prospects’ attention

  • Build and manage SEO and content strategy for owned properties (including Academy) and set up a long-term growth engine

  • Own marketing automation tools to improve engagement, conversion, and product retention


  • Plan quarterly budgets, goals, and framework for objectives and key results

  • Identify new techniques, methods of inbound marketing and develop teams to execute on such experiments

  • Forecast trends and set roadmap for new marketing activities

  • Identify areas and execute plans for improving brand presence (events, PR) that assist in lead generation

Product marketing

Strategy & Collaboration


  • NA


  • Work with the demand generation and product teams to develop core value proposition for different products and personas

  • Work with sales team to come up with strategy, documentation, and process for product demos

  • Study competition, deconstruct their messaging and proposition, find and relay our competitive advantage in all collaterals, and scope of improvement to product teams

  • Work with the product team to refine value proposition, ideal customer profile


  • Be a guardian of product positioning, messaging, and overall go-to-market strategy

  • Utilize outside knowledge of the market, product, product strategy, and competition to enable marketing and sales teams

  • Build Rocketium's brand in the outside world with webinars, events, PR



  • Support in content creation and review

  • Repurpose content and maintain updated versions in different repositories


  • Develop high-quality content highlighting product value, benefits, customer testimonials, reviews for enabling the growth team (landing pages, videos, articles) and ensure that it is aligned with the sales strategy

  • Develop content (decks, webinars, whitepapers, videos) for sales team to attract new customers and close more deals

  • Work with the creative team to ensure high-quality output for all marketing and sales collateral


  • NA

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