Going from Entrepreneurship to Intrapreneurship

A candid chat with our Senior Product Marketing Manager - Jatin Rastogi

Entrepreneurship isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The responsibilities and accountability that come along with it, weigh higher than the success and money. Also, the perseverance never gets to take a back-seat. Jatin Rastogi, a Product Marketing Manager at Rocketium and also an entrepreneur, finds a perfect balance between both his priorities.

In a candid conversation, Jatin enlightened us about his career transition and shared a lot more about his experience with Rocketium.

Moving from being an Entrepreneur to a Product Marketing Manager sounds like an interesting transition, how did this shift happen? Especially when you still have responsibilities towards your own start-up.

Jatin: It's true that I have responsibilities towards the company that I started as well as my role at Rocketium. But, the good part is that at no point I had to compromise either.

After graduating, I started my career as a Software Developer. I was still pursuing my first job when the idea of launching a video production company came into my mind. That is when I launched Wildbeez Interactive with a few friends from college. What worked for us was that we had a very strong alumni network in terms of supporting startups.

Some time down the line I left my first job and was simultaneously managing my duties as a Digital Media Specialist at National Entrepreneurship Network and a Founder at Wildbeez Interactive. While my startup was doing great, working with a lot of product clients made me curious about trying my hand at Product Marketing. More than anything else, I also realized that there was much more out there that I needed to learn. This is when I started looking out and found an opportunity with Rocketium.

What according to you are the similarities between your current role and the one as a Founder?

Jatin: Quite a few that I can think of. Let me tell you about the ones on top of my mind.

  1. The one that stands true the most is that I get to work with people from diverse specializations. Having been a software developer myself, I easily understand the language of tech teams while empathizing with the problems & challenges of all others.

  2. At my own startup, I’ve closely worked with design teams. This developed a design sense in me. Now, at Rocketium a lot of similar marketing collaterals, illustrations, case studies, decks, etc. are more or less owned by me.

  3. The third is, the ability to quickly switch context. Being a Founder with a small team, I had to be all ears to every team member and boost every team’s development regardless of its nature. This stands true for my role at Rocketium as well. The fact that we aren’t a very large team, gives us the liberty and opportunity to be able to flexibly communicate cross-functionally.

How do Rocketium’s products help customers in the current time?

Jatin: The biggest feedback that we receive from customers is for productivity & predictability.

A lot of our current customers wanted to create video assets in bulk and were doing so by using traditional adobe tools. They spent excess time and money unnecessarily. Here is how Rocketium has helped in making the pipeline more productive.

Suppose you have a team of 10 designers, each one of them has their own style of design and aesthetic sense. In such cases with the help of Rocketium, you can ensure that all of their outputs have a similar aesthetic while sustaining their uniqueness. We have large e-commerce enterprises as our clients and they use Rocketum to create templates. These templates help sellers to create product banners while sticking to the e-commerce platform’s design style. This way, we have simplified and streamlined the making of creatives for our clients.

With communications at the center of every business right now, our product has paved the way for quick actions by clients.

You seem to be living a busy life, with the ownership of your current role and your own startup that you support in parallel. How do you like to spend your time off work?

Jatin: There are a lot of things that I enjoy doing. One of them is playing the flute. I’m not formally trained in it but learned it over time. Photography is also something I’m keenly interested in. Although an amateur photographer, I’ve done some professional shoots, not for money but for my own contentment. Off late, I’ve not been able to pick up my camera and spend time capturing nature. Hoping that travel falls back to normal soon so my camera and I can go back to experience the serenity.

I also enjoy listening to music. When I was really young, there was an uncle in my neighborhood who used to love listening to Ghazals & classical music. I grew up spending quite some time with him and learned about a lot of legendary musicians and singers from him. I guess my love for traditional music comes from there.

Last but not least, our readers would be keen to know why you think Rocketium is a favorable place for someone to work?

Jatin: I’ve worked at a large company in the past where I was just one drop in the ocean. I would never know how my contributions were making a bigger impact on the organization. Working at Rocketium turned the tide for me. At times, I’m awed by the level of transparency that we practice here. You won’t believe we have a Slack channel where an update on every payment made to the company is shared with everyone. Even the details about the funding that we’re trying to raise and the impact we’re making on the current business environment are available openly. Everything that is directly or indirectly of importance for Rocketium, is made important for its employees too.

And one thing that I personally believe stands out for the success of our product, is the super amazing level of customer satisfaction. It is unbelievably insane how hard our teams work on addressing their concerns. If there happens to be an issue from the client’s end, the priority immediately shifts to it. For me, the credit for this exceptionally good performance on customer satisfaction goes to the Account Management team.

The clear vision of how your work is making a difference and how you’re growing with each contribution is immense. Isn’t that what all of us look for in our careers?

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