SDR Manager

Your role

In today's world of limited attention spans, the only way to get someone's attention is by making your message relevant, timely, and, most importantly, visually appealing. Every business is trying to get our attention and this problem gets harder each day as we split our time between more apps.
For over 30 years, businesses have used desktop software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects to make visually appealing creative content. Such software is extremely powerful but so complex that only professional designers with years of training can use it. And even they take hours to make a single creative.
Businesses are now using banners and videos at every customer touch point, beyond the obvious use in ads. Open your 5 favourite apps and see how many creatives they use in them to get a sense of the scale of creative content that teams have to make. Multiple products, multiple offers, multiple languages, multiple platforms, all make content creation a massive challenge for businesses that Photoshop and other pre-Internet era software were just not designed to solve.
Rocketium is building what today's fast-moving, high-growth businesses need - rapid creation, massive scale, collaboration, integrations, APIs, and more. Rather than focusing on Adobe or competitors, we focus on our customers - some of your favourite apps. We help them grow by using visual content to run more relevant campaigns faster with a 50x lower design effort. Our product combines Photoshop integration, powerful web-based creation, collaboration, integration with ad and push platforms, analytics, and multiple AI-powered features.
Rocketium has always been bought by customers. Customers ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 50 behemoths felt the pain of waiting weeks to get creatives for their marketing campaigns and sought us out to solve this problem. We learned a lot from our customers and went from being a video creation API to an all-in-one workspace for creative ops.
We also learned a lot about the companies with the most acute need for Rocketium. Armed with this knowledge and plenty of success stories, we built an inside sales team to complement our growth from inbound channels. This team has been able to spread the word about our capabilities to leading marketing and design teams from around the world and we are now looking to scale our sales efforts.
These are still early days for our sales team. You will join a fast-moving and fast-learning team that is evangelizing a movement rather than selling a commodity product in a crowded market. You will sell solutions consultatively instead of following a by-the-numbers routine. Having said that, as a founding team member, you will create playbooks for future team members to scale our business in the coming days.
Rocketium has crossed the 0 to 1 chasm that kills most startups. We are now looking for you to help us go from 1 to 10 and beyond.

Your objectives

You will own Rocketium’s qualified pipeline. Your team will determine the growth of our business. You will play both a strategic and tactical role to ensure our qualified pipeline is strong and gets stronger with time. Below are some ways in which you will achieve this.
  • Be a coach for the SDR team - As a coach, you will help the team be the best version of themselves and then get even better. You will review calls, demos, and emails to come up with ways to improve the team’s communication. You will be hands-on without actually doing the team’s work.
  • Nurture and grow the team - You will take decisions like team expansion, incentive structure, and territory allocation to accelerate the business. An SDR’s role is challenging so you will be a cheerleader motivating the team and preventing burnout. You will keep the team’s work engaging and prevent it from becoming mindless repetitive work.
  • Learn so you can evangelise - You are not here to apply a sales playbook blindly. You will learn as much as possible about our users, their problems, how our product solves these problems, and the impact we have on our users’ business. You will share your insights with your team so they can work better and evangelise what we can do for businesses.
  • Improve our product, process, and team - You are the face of Rocketium for our customers and a role model for our SDRs. You will relay product feedback and improvement ideas to the product and engineering teams to improve the product.

Your profile

  • 4-6 years of sales experience
  • 1-2 years experience as an SDR Manager
  • B2B and US sales experience is a big plus
  • Strong writing and speaking skills
  • Comfort with CRM, lead generation, sales enablement, conversational intelligence, and other sales tools
  • Experience in building a pipeline and owning qualified pipeline numbers
  • Positive, enthusiastic, and passionate with a can-do attitude
  • Good listening skills and consultative selling style
  • Comfort and resilience in dealing with business owners and senior executives

Your future teammates

  • Leadership team - Anurag (Product, Marketing), Karan (Sales, Success), Santosh (Engineering), Satej (CEO)
  • Sales team - Bhawna (Enterprise Account Executive), Sandeep (Sales Development) Sarthak (Sales Development), Tushar (Sales Development), Toufeeq (Sales Development), Bhavya (Sales Development)
  • Product marketing - Jatin, Nitya, Rohit
  • And more from Customer Success, Design, Engineering, Finance.

Your next steps