Levels and designations


All designations fall into three broad buckets - Junior, Mid-level, and Senior. This simplified the process of defining responsibilities while creating a distinction between different levels of seniority. We also toyed with other ways of naming these levels - impact (Small, Medium, Large), sports parlance (Rookie, Pro, Veteran), and military. We went with the more accepted Junior, Mid-level, and Senior in the end instead of something more exotic.


One of our goal was to standardise designations as much as possible across departments and with industry norms (at least in SaaS). Another goal was to have the right number of designations that balanced regular career progression with a sense of personal impact.

Customer Success

  • Junior - Business Analyst, Customer Success Manager
  • Mid-level - Enterprise Account Manager, Senior Enterprise Account Manager
  • Senior - Director of Enterprise Accounts, VP Enterprise Accounts


  • Junior - Software Engineer I, Software Engineer II
  • Mid-level - Senior Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineering Manager, Principal Software Engineer / Principal Software Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering
  • Senior - AVP Engineering, VP Engineering


  • Junior - Marketing Executive, Senior Marketing Executive
  • Mid-level - Associate Marketing Manager/Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Senior - Director of Marketing, AVP Marketing, VP Marketing


  • Junior - Business Development Executive, Sales Development Representative
  • Mid-level - Enterprise Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager
  • Senior - Director of Sales, VP Sales